Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I think it's too late coz examination already pass. But it's OK, maybe next time we can do this tips so we can get better score........

Every college student wants to get good grades for every subject he/she takes. For some people, this is easy to achieve, but for others, it just seems impossible. A good grade is determined by many factors like the difficulty of the subject, the weight of each task and tests to the subject, and of course, the teacher/ lecturer, who can be unpredictable in giving scores to his/ her students. But whatever obstacle you may face, are the basics of achieving those coveted good scores.
  1. Attend every class held by the teacher/ lecturer of the subject and make sure you are always well-informed about the class schedule. Lecturers sometimes change their schedule at the last minute. Organize a phone tree with your classmates so you and everybody else can exchange information about the schedule. Don’t forget to check out the announcement board every time you pass it by.
  2. Hand in every task you are assigned and be aware of any assignment the teacher/ lecturer might give that you miss. The phone tree might come in handy here, too.
  3. Nose out what might be tested on midterm and final exam to help you prepare from them.
  4. Study the subject carefully. If you don’t understand a certain chapter on the subject, consult a classmate who understands it better.
  5. Don’t miss the exam (put the date on your reminder if it’s necessary), except if it’s because of something you really can’t predict like an illness or an accident. Missing exam is a big no!
  6. Be active in class, but don’t be a Mr. / Miss KNOW-IT-ALL. Not only the teacher/ lecturer but also your classmate will dislike you.
  7. Last but not least, show your teacher/ lecturer some respect, because a student with an attitude problem is the last person on his list to be given a good score.
  8. So, it’s so easy to achieve a good score, right?
Taken from: C n’ S Magazine. 2008


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