Thursday, 28 October 2010


Have You heard that flanel can be used for various of handcraft? And if you have heard that, can you make the handcraft from flannel?Flanel can used in so many handcraft. For example, using flannel to make broochs, gift boxs, hangers, dolls, cottons, phone chase, ect. These are steps to make a handcraft from flannel.
First, you must prepare tools and materials which is needed.Such as : Flanels, a pinking scissors, ruler, glue, needle, and thread.
  1. Make your design! For example, you will make the doll. You must make your doll design before. If you will make the doll with circle design, you must draw a circle in flannel.
  2. After you have finished your design in flannel, cut your flannel according your design. You must make two flannels with the same design and size.
  3. Sew both flannels become one with this sewing design!
  4. Fill the flannels with cottons until flannels full of cottons and till flannels’s shape like the design.
  5. After you finished the steps before, you can give d├ęcor on it. For example, you make a doll from flannels. After you finished your doll shape, you can give your doll with eyes, ears, nose, and mouth from flannels or from another materials.

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